Patients may phone any time during surgery hours to discuss results or to make inquiries.  

Results will only be given over the phone once checked & approved by the GP, by a  Registered Nurse.  The Nurse may need to phone back if unable to take the call immediately. Please be aware some Results will require a Drs appt.

Dr Consultations will not be interrupted for Patient Phone Queries (unless previously discussed with Dr), a message is placed in the Doctor’s tray for actioning, after Consultations.


Where the call is urgent, the patient is put through to the Treatment Room to be Triaged by a Registered Nurse, and appropriate action is taken.

Patients with communication barriers

For patients who have communication barriers, we are very happy to offer other alternatives for communication, such as:


Translating and Interpreting Service (131 450 VDMC. Practice Code is C825424)

Services for the visually impaired and deaf patients (1800 246 945)